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    Mig welder project

    I don't mean to ramble here, but bear with me for a bit. I have a friend, local farmer, for whom I do a lot of work on equipment. I use his shop (and sometimes other buildings) for my projects, things I can't do at home. He acquired a really nice Miller DC stick welder. Not sure of the model...
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    Welding cast aluminum

    I'm wondering where/who to ask this question. Can cast aluminum be welded? If so, can it be welded to other aluminum, like sheet stock or plate? I need to replace(or repair) a broken cast thermostat housing for a tractor made in Japan for International some thirty odd years ago with a Nissan...
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    Possible new welder? Anyone know much about these? I have a chance to pick one up for a song, I just don't know if I have enough power to run it. I have 240V in my (mostly outdoor) work space, but it's a long cord, powered off a double 40 amp breaker. I run my...
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    #1 Acetylene bottle valves

    I have a portable torch setup, using #1 size bottles. Granted, I don't use it much, but whenever the need arises the gas bottle is always empty. I can't help but conclude the valves on these small tanks must be junk. Maybe I need to leave the regulator, hoses and torch valve (turned...
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    auto darkening helmet issue

    So I have a Radnor helmet with solar battery power. It's probably ten or twelve years old by now, not really sure. I don't use it all that much any more since diminished eyesight has made welding much more complicated for me over the past few years. I had a good opportunity today with a backyard...