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    How to weld 1"x2" bar to each other?

    Thank you both! Great advice. Tonight I'll work on grinding the bevels and I might also have to move the lower pin location. I'll update progress as I get past that.
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    How to weld 1"x2" bar to each other?

    I recently purchased a SSQL to pin-on adapter for my telehandler[1]. Unfortunately, I misread the model number and it doesn't fit my unit correctly. Even worse, round-trip shipping would cost even more than it's worth. Fortunately, the only thing wrong is the spacing between the pin-on brackets...
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    Off road welding cart

    @h82crash, what do you do for googles/masks and various tools (clamps, wire brush, grinder, etc)? I need to do something similar for my stick welder. I currently end up making 3+ trips by the time I get everything.