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  1. propane1

    Stick as compared to mig.

    Ok. Welding with stick as compared to mig. ????? Made a patch for my truck box today. Tried to weld it in. Used 6013 1/16 rods. At about 40 amps. Stick welder. Cleaned all metal before welding. Both sides, If I could get at it. Welds would snap after a little bit and not hold. Redid most of...
  2. propane1

    What number rods are these ?

    Bought these years ago. Sold by the pound. So no package to tell you anything. No markings on them. Fella said very easy for any body to use. For people like me with no training and don’t weld much. Plus for rusty metal. Fella said they call them idiot rods. Fits me well. Hehe. Any way any body...
  3. propane1

    New project and not really a fun one

    My poor 2005 Ford Ranger has rust troubles. So I’m see what I can do with it. what rods would I use. I do have a 75 amp mig welder too. Box rust and a little rust on truck. Noel
  4. propane1

    High and low setting question

    On my sears stick welder, I have a high and low setting. You plug the positive lead into which one you want. What is the difference other that one has higher amperage. You can set it for a 135 amps on either high or low scale. What is the advantage. I know I will never get to the high end of the...
  5. propane1

    What are a reasonable rods to use ?

    For a person like me who only welds something, with a stick welder, maybe once a month. I normally am using used metal, rarely any new metal. Just looking for general ideas. I'm not a trained welder. Noel
  6. propane1

    What do you have for fire extinguishers. ?

    Just wondering about, what happens if you have a fire. What do you have for putting it out. What precautions do you take. Noel
  7. propane1

    Picture of my mig welder.

    Hehe. I call it the 1/2 welder. It’s only 75 amps on high. But it’s good for some things. I can’t seem to get on to a mig welder, but my son can use it great. Bought it about 12 or 13 years ago. Can’t remember what we payed. About $100.00 maybe. Noel
  8. propane1

    Picture of my oxy-fuel set up.

    My father bought this torch and regulator set about 45 years ago and he made the cart for it. He and I used it quite a bit over the years. He’s been passed away now for 25 years. Noel
  9. propane1

    AC or DC for stick welding.

    Which would be better. I have an AC stick welder. I’ve seen videos on how to change them to DC welders. Now, I know nothing about welding, have never had a course in it. But I weld stuff at home to fix or make stuff. Mostly rusty metal. Some days things seem to weld reasonable and other days it...
  10. propane1

    Ahh ha, I think I figured it out

    Some how I got the site to work I thing. Before it was wanting me to go to tapatalk, what ever that is. ? So I’m gunna try posting a picture. This loader I made a number of years ago. A couple of members will recognize it. Noel Ahh ha. It won’t load. Says file to large
  11. propane1

    Happy Easter welding buddies.

    Have a great day. Noel
  12. propane1

    New to site.

    Hi, I'm from Winsloe, PEI, Canada. I am a hobbyist/backyard type welder. As soon as I can figure out how to work things, I'll start posting some pictures. Hehe, I not that great with computers and phone things either. Noel