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    DIY welder

    A couple of years ago I had an Everlast PowerArc 200ST that developed a problem that they initially thought was a bad main board, so they sent me a new one. That didn't fix the problem, so they sent me another new was actually just a bad display. They let me keep the boards rather...
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    AC or DC for stick welding.

    Most of the companies selling electrodes will have info on their websites....Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Hobart, Harris, etc....look up consumables. The numbers tell what kind/style of rod and the size is listed separately. The first two digits are the tensile strength. For example, 7018 is a...
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    Never welded before

    We'll need a bit more info. What kind of welder and what voltage/wire feed speed were you running? How thick was the steel and how clean was it? Generally speaking, if you're not getting penetration the material is too thick for your voltage/wire feed speed, but travel speed factors in as...
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    Mig gases

    You get better penetration with 100% CO2, but a little more spatter.
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    Miller Multimatic 215 TIG start methods

    You can always get a fingertip control that will activate the HF....not terribly expensive. It won't allow you to change amperage, but those setups are available as well (a bit more expensive).
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    Inactive Miller Mig

    I wouldn't worry a bit about it. Maybe pull the wrapper and blow it out with compressed air, check the input power connections for corrosion and then give it a try. I recently updated a Millermatic 35S that was made in 1973 and sat it's entire life in a pole barn without any climate control...
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    Howdy and welcome. What MIG to buy?

    It really depends on your budget more than anything. As a general all-around starter machine with a lot of capability, reasonable price, and small footprint, the Miller Millermatic 211 is a great choice. As a nice benefit it's dual-voltage 110/220V which can be handy at times. If you want a...