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    Anybody own a Kemppi welder?

    If so, check in here!
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    Sheet metal cutting basics

    When it comes to metal tubing or rods or anything i can fit in my chop saw, I can use a cutoff blade and get the job done (albeit cutting a one inch thick wrought iron post isn't pretty with a cutoff blade, it eventually gets the job done). What's the best tool, and what are the best...
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    Bigger hopper for wood pellet smoker (traeger, pit boss)

    I have a small pit boss smoker which does a great job for the size and price ($189 on sale at lowes last year) but the only downside is it needs a bigger hopper for long smokes. In fact I can only get a couple hours out of the stock hopper but if I want to do an overnight smoke, I need a good 7...
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    Welding a wrought iron railing

    My first welding project will be one that goes front and center in our entry way... a wrought iron (actually molded steel) railing and baulesters. After a couple of orders from house of forgings and a trip to king architectural metals here in southern California I'm ready to get started and...
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    What is THIS?

    Looks like a torch to me...
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    RESULTS: Win a Welder Contest

    Hi Everybody, We just completed the drawing for our May, 2020 "Win a Welder" giveaway contest. Here are the results! 1st Prize Winner - $500 toward a welder of your choice @Gary Fowler 2nd Prize Winner - $100 amazon gift card @Eaglevfp 3rd Prize Winners (3) @CB @poncho62 @Craig...
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    Good Post

    A lot of sites have the "like" button on posts but I wanted to do something a little different. I thought about making it a "Good Advice" or "Helpful" button but then figured maybe there would be good posts that weren't necessarily advice (for example a project that is just a picture) or...
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    ***Win a Welder*** May 2020 Contest

    We are excited to announce our first ever WeldingSite contest! Starts now and ends May 31, 2020... 1st Prize: $500 toward the welder of your choice! 2nd Prize: $100 amazon gift card! 3rd Prize: Rapicca Welding Gloves (3 winners!) There are FIVE ways to enter and each person can earn up to 15...
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    WeldingSite contest idea, need your suggestions

    I for one think that this forum is off to a great start. I was a little concerned about whether we'd have any members stick around past the first day but it's been a couple of weeks and I'm liking the action. So far we've done a bit of promotion via a link on TractorByNet and PMs on...
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    How did you find Welding Site?

    I know it's only day 2 but I'm curious to hear where everybody is hearing about WeldingSite?
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    Best TIG welder under $500?

    If you've got $500 to spend on the welder only, what TIG welder would you buy?
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    What have you built this year?

    Let's see those creations. Photos please!
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    Any Hobart Welder Owners?

    Somebody told me to add this section so I'm thinking there should be at least a few Hobart guys here.
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    Miller Welder Owners Report For Duty

    If you've got a Miller welder, let's hear from you. :geek:
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    Lincoln Welder Owner Check-In

    Raise your hand if you own a Lincoln welder!
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    Fabrication Failures

    Okay guys... let's see your junk piles and scrapped projects that didn't work out. I know you've all got them. :D
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    Is MIG welding the easiest to learn?

    I've heard MIG welding is referred to as the glue gun of welding. But it's also supposed to be more efficient than TIG. For those of you who use MIG as your go-do, would you say it's because you started with MIG or prefer it over other processes?
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    What Are Your Must-Have Welding Tools?

    In addition to the obvious welder, what are your must-have welding tools that you can't live without? Feel free to include photos.
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    Veteran Advice For Newbie Welders

    Those of you who are veteran welders, what advice would you give newbie welders just starting out? How can we benefit from your mistakes? :cool:
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    Do you like the logo?

    I made it myself!
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    Tapatalk is now active

    If you'd like to access the forum through Tapatalk, it is now activated. Please let me know if you have any issues.
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    Help us get started

    I'm sure most if not all of the early members will be welding experts, but it would be very helpful if you could start things off by posting threads and links to useful content or frequently asked questions. These early threads would be thought of as the basis for sticky threads in each section...
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    Welcome to Welding Site!

    I hope you like the setup. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. The bones are here and should be working well but I have a few things on the to-do list: - We will enable TapaTalk tomorrow - Forum icons will be the torch instead of the "paper" news thing - Custom fields for user...