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  1. Bearskinner

    What are you doing today, spring time edition

    I know it’s near summer in southern areas, but a rainy spring here up north. Just turning on the lawn sprinklers, fire and run all the yard and garden equipment. Spent a day gathering branches, and started sawing a few downed trees, in the close acerage forest. Drug the land plane on all the...
  2. Bearskinner

    Removing rusty bolts

    Without having to cut them to remove them, it’s nice to have a small oxyacet tip to heat up a nut and bolt combo to get it apart. Helping a buddy do some work on a 20 year old Toyota 4x4.
  3. Bearskinner

    A better new year

    Hopefully this year is not as crazy and hectic as last year. Hope everyone does better.
  4. Bearskinner

    Merry Christmas to all

    May we all receive a Christmas miracle.
  5. Bearskinner


    Looking at the price of older quality anvil s is extremely expensive, as I won’t use one for daily work, just shaping projects once in a while. So I’m looking at the HF heavy anvil. It’s very affordable, but what about the quality? Does anyone have one, or use one? What’s the quality...
  6. Bearskinner

    Ramps for a car hauler trailer

    Well my neighbor lent out his trailer to a buddy to pick up some hay. apparently he didn’t store the ramps when he picked up, or someone “lifted” them off the trailer. Either way, there picking up some 2” angle iron, and I’ll weld up a pair of 5’ ramps. Watch who you lend equipment to!
  7. Bearskinner

    What are you doing today?

    Is everyone doing yard clean up prepping for winter like we are up here?
  8. Bearskinner

    Quick tow hitch

    The overhang on my little farm truck Yamaha makes getting to the 2” receiver almost impossible. I had an old 1” hitch with a lightweight 2” ball, and some scrap 3/16 wall box tubing. It’s only going to move a log splitter or an empty trailer around, so it doesn’t need to be heavy duty. Cut the...
  9. Bearskinner

    Quick mig welder fixes, that save time

    Not only a time saver but project saver too. Out mowing the walking trails around my ranch, there’s a particularly thick weed covered area in the deep woods that I was working on widening. A hidden pine branch got in between the belt and one of the pulleys on the ride on mower, and spun the...
  10. Bearskinner

    DOT tires for off road vehicles

    I have an older Yamaha Rhino as a ranch vehicle, to haul around wood, tools, fencing supplies, whatever. It’s not fast as it has the little (660 single) engine, by today’s standards. The typical off road tires get tore up quickly running on concrete or asphalt , so I picked up a set of DOT...
  11. Bearskinner

    Quality refinishing of old rusted metal

    Been welding up some implement parts, old steel wheels and other metal items for yard art. The local tractor supply company sells Van Sickle paint and supplys. It is a high quality paint, and when added to their self etching primer, and used with their poly hardner , creates a great long...
  12. Bearskinner

    Rebuilding car and equipment hauler trailers

    Time to do a major service on my sons toy box hauler camping trailer. The tires were just replaced with All Steel 14 ply ST tires. What a Major difference in toe ability and smoothness. I ordered a set of new “dual axle equalizers” ( the linkage pieces between the dual axles) upgrades to a much...
  13. Bearskinner

    Milwaukee 6370 Metal Cutting Saw

    I picked up one of these Milwaukee metal cutting saws as I needed a better way to angle cut metal roofing, trim and siding. Using a standard cut off wheel, burns the edge, leading to rust, plus leaves an extremely sharp edge. The 6370 cuts a much colder edge, as it has coated teeth, much like a...
  14. Bearskinner

    H F Tractor Quick Hitch

    I have a couple friends that have the Harbor Freight Tractor Quick Hitches, so I thought I would give it a try. A fantastic time saver for trading off 3 point hitch implements except a post hole digger or rear back hoe. It is actually a stout unit, and with a 20% off coupon, can be had for...
  15. Bearskinner

    Memorial Day

    While we are all enjoying our day, bbq’ing, day on the water, or just relaxing with family, always remember those Brave Warriors that have paid the ultimate price so we may have our freedom to do all these things we enjoy so much. Thank You to our fallen Heroes??
  16. Bearskinner

    Rural VS City living

    I live a good 16 miles out of town, on acreage, in the woods. How many of us live in town, or rural?
  17. Bearskinner

    Need a bigger shop

    We moved to the ranch full time about 7 years ago, built a 72’x24’ shop thinking it would be large enough for everything I would ever need. Now I need another one at least a 40x30’ just to park equipment and RV. I’m not a hoarder but it’s too easy to run out of room. If your planning on building...
  18. Bearskinner

    Flap wheel and cutoff disc manufacturers

    Does this sight have any quality flap wheel disc , cut off wheel, grinder disc, etc sponsorship? it would be a nice addition to much needed accessorys
  19. Bearskinner

    Welding up yard art

    I acquired a bucket full of horseshoes and railroad spikes ( all well used) started welding them together to create some color to the yard.
  20. Bearskinner

    Rebuilding a car hauler trailer

    My brother had a pretty beat up flatbed car hauler trailer. 16’ flatbed, and needed some utility sides, new wood deck, lights, wiring and wheels and tires. I figured out a way to make the sides removable by welding on 2” angle iron pockets, and inserting 1 1/2” angle into them.pinned at all 4...
  21. Bearskinner

    More past projects

    Needed a rear spare tire rack that could hold up to the weight of 37” and 35” spare tires on the rear of the Bronco. Installed a heavy double bearing swing out mount, and an integrated tow receptacle.
  22. Bearskinner

    Land Planes for road maintenance

    I took some measurements off a friends land plane, gathered some material and started welding.