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    What to look for in a welder for Beginners

    If you get a stick machine try to get it running on 220/230. They run better. Get a brand name if you can afford it. AC/DC is very useful but a buzzbox type machine works fine most are ac but some are ac/dc. Buy a good auto darking helmet. Brand name. Check the prices or replacement lens. Big...
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    Veteran Advice For Newbie Welders

    Welding takes practice. Do hesitate to sign up for a course. This will speed up the learning curve. If it is just for home/farm there are night school course. Wear PPE glasses welding hat earplugs( you don't want sparks in there it happens) Decent helmet gloves and cover up no plastics use...
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    Miller Welder Owners Report For Duty

    I have a thunderbolt as well. Badged as Dayton. Heard they were the company that made them. Not sure if it is true. The old machines were copper and the newer ones are aluminum. Wonder if that is the difference. My machine was new in 1969 when I was a kid and my old man said thats why he got...
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    Rock Digging Bar DIY (NOT!!)

    Don't worry about not jumping to mig. I find that on stuff getting beaten up 7018 works out better. We built a quickie trailer for a one off job and when we got there we realized one fender wasn't welded only lightly tacked and was holding fine. Both of us are ticket welder/fabricators and both...
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    Built my own lawn roller

    That came out nice.
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    tig, scratch ot pedal?

    Having foot pedal is nice and used in many shops because of the control you get. Having worked Boiler Jobs for many years in the field. Think Power plant and Pulp Mills the standard is scratch start and you either set the machine manually at the panel or if you have a remote control that you can...
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    how fast can you move?

    In moose traps my old man taught me to but a bit of bacon in the trap and hold a match so it cooks a bit. It does work but I put some peanut butter on it as well. Seems to work. It catches lots of mice. Must taste good they keep coming. Lazy damm cat.
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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    Stacking dime seems to be a internet thing. Smooth welds are what you see on boilers etc. Get the biggest argon bottle you can easily get as little ones are always empty. Cheaper in the long run. The big one is to remember to shut the argon off when you finish welding. Easy to forget.
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    Learning about welding - Curious about metal sources and accessory tools to make the job easier?

    If you are trying to keep cost down get a old school helmet with a fixed lens. They work just fine used on the job for years as pressure welder. Got a fancy Miller digital elite shortly before I retired. It's nice with good visibility but they are fragile and expensive. Would not use it in a...
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    I have an older (1998) Century stick welder that I could use some advice on.

    Think I would make sure all the connections inside where clean. Use electrical contact cleaner on controls. Cleaning can't hurt.How far away from your power source are you. Thinking voltage drop. Try it as close to power source as possible.Also how long are the welding leads? Is it a 220v/230v...
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    What size generator to run stick welder?

    I would start by looking at the back of the machine what its power requirements are. Not much bearing on the output you are welding with. When you find those numbers like amps at what voltage. Do the math and get it in watts. Volts x amps equal watts. The n find a gennie a bit bigger. When you...
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    Troubleshooting Popping

    Do what the others have said loosen tip and kind of lap it. Then tighten. Would turn oxygen to about 25psi depending on tip size. Does the tip need cleaning. Sounds like in might be bad seat. You can try another tip. If you get another tip get a real victor tip. The knock off torches and tips...
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    Shielded inert gas metal arc.

    Your machine looks loike a tig/stick machine like you say. That would be CC constant current. Wirefeeders are nornmally CV constant voltage. I did not see a switch for wirefeed.There are what they call suitcase wirefeeders that adapt to CC Dead easy to hook up and can be found used.A lot of...
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    For fenders we go to Princess auto in Canada like your harbour fright. You can buy trailer fenders cheaper than you can make them.Nicely formed.
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    welding rusted steel on Jeep chassis

    For rust it is hard to beat 6010. But the rod digs more is harder to use on thin stuff. Try using it in 3/32 size. myself like the 7018 as a cap. It is still more flexible than mig. Body shop would use mig so because it is easy on thin stuff and would work fine. But it needs to be clean on both...
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    DC conversion for AC stick welder

    Didn't know that could be done. Let us know if it works! I have a miller ac like in the pics given to me. Cabin machine. DC would be nice.
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    Stay away from the brake cleaner like another poster said.
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    How to weld 1"x2" bar to each other?

    Would use 6010 for root pass. It digs better.
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    Log splitter weld repair

    Get hold of some 7018AC. Way stronger keep it dry. Also clean weld area well. If you have torch take the chill out of it. Will be easier to weld.
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    Another new guy for the site.

    Hi been the trade for a long time retired now. Boilermaker/welde /steel fabricator. Well throw in the odd answer if somebody is asking a question and always good to see the new stuff. Built some aluminum boats at home along with lots of trailers etc. Was easier because of access to big...
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    Process to cutting an old propane tank

    Made air tires out of propane tank. Smell never went away. Got rid of it.
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    Process to cutting an old propane tank

    Not saying to do this way. But when I welded on a vw gas tank I filled with water and left it in. If you cutting it as soon as there is a decent hole it should not be a issue. When I worked in the refinery in vessels propane etc. they steamed them out and hot water.