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    Value of Used Lincoln Weldan 225 G7

    I have a chance to buy a Lincoln Weldanpower 225 G7. Age and condition unknown at this time. Any one have a idea of top dollar to buy something like this. I will gamble on cost to get running. Also there is available a K 799 High Frequency unit for TIG welding. say I get it all working add...
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    Arc Welders for Sale

    Youall in the Puget Sound Area, I have 4 used arc welders for sale: Miller Dial Arc, 250 amps, 1980s vintage, extra cables with all with DINSE connectors, manual, slag hammer, wire brush. Sell as is for $300.00, after cleaning and adjusting $400.00 This is a production/serious user unit...
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    Manual for a Montgomery Ward Welder

    Looking for a manual for the welder I just acquired. MW Power Craft 230/180 Amp AC/DC model 110-086. Any help out there in Welding Land? Any help will be appreciated. Ron
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    Let's Help the Newbies Learn

    One problem those new to welding and trying to learn get befuddled with our unique vocabulary, lots of acronyms and slang. Us old timers can be of help by describing such things as we go along and not assume everybody knows what we are talking about. Those of you who do not understand...