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    Shielded inert gas metal arc.

    Does anyone know if Shielded Inert Gas Metal Arc is an alternative name for MIG welding. I have a S.I.G.M.A control switch and 3 pin twist outlet connected to a separate internal contactor coil on my P&H second generation style Union Carbide Linde Tig welder. I am hoping to use my welder...
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    TIG welder - Information on a Linde DAL300HFGW

    Hi, I recently purchased a old Linde DAL300HFGW welder so I can learn to TIG weld my aluminium irrigation pipe on the farm. The unit is similar to the old P&H welders from the sixties. This unit was made under licence in Toronto for Linde. It was used in a fabrication shop for TIG welding by...