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Red Feather Lakes, CO
Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your advice. I live on 45 acres, have a few machines (min-Ex, tractor, RTV) and a few trailers. I need to start learning how to weld. My initial thoughts are to get a Miller 211 MIG and do flux core. I know stick is an option as well. Any major issues with using FCAW for my needs? I will assume most will be repair oriented tasks.

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OP-You may have found out by now that gas shielded MIG and TIG do not work well outdoors from air currents carrying your shield gas away. On material more than 1/4" takes multiple passes for the full penetration welds necessary for repair work. Weld material deposited on top of two pieces of materil being joined hve ) strength. Outdoor work and work on painted dirty, or rusted surfaces also is best done with stick. MIG and TIG require cleaning down to shiny base material. You bought a good welder. I would have spent $500 more and bought an Everlast multi-process machine.

I recommend you go to amazon and purchase Lincoln's "The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding" Money well spent, then, practice and then practice more.