How to tell if Dynasty 200 has the Blue Lightning feature?


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Hoping there's somebody here who knows more about this than what I've been able to find out digging around on the internet.

So I just picked up a Dynasty 200 on auction. I won't have the thing for probably a week or two (has to get shipped), but I do know the serial number.

The serial number begins with LJ0702xxx, and if I cross reference that against the Miller SN# table here: ....... it seems that my unit was manufactured in
July of 2008 (LJ=2008 07=July ??)

But when I do searching online - I see the following statement on a number of sites when people ask when the Blue Lightning feature
was implemented:

" Serial #'s after #LJ280222L are supposed to have Blue Lightning. I think mid 2008 or early 2009 is when they started. "

The part that confuses me here is - what is "28" ? (LH280222L), if "LJ" is 2008 - and the Miller table seems to imply that "01" would
be January (meaning the SN# of the system I got would be in July ... LJ07xxxxxx ..... ) then what does "28" indicate?